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30 DAYS of
PRAYER for the Hindu World

For Christians with interest in India and the Hindu world







We welcome you to learn about and pray for India and the Hindu world.

      In contrast to the annual 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World, which coincides each year with the Muslim month of Ramadan, this Hindu prayer focus is not designed to occur within a particular range of dates; please use any 30-day period appropriate for you or your church or group.
      It is not our intention with this prayer focus to disparage India or her majority religion and sentiments in any way. We recognize that both are far too complex, and India too full of great traditions to simply or easily condense, explain or take lightly with a mere booklet.
      At the same time, as Christians, we yearn that all the world's people(s) will have an opportunity to see, hear about and understand the grace of God incarnated in Jesus Christ. To this end we inform ourselves, pray for and support respectful opportunities to make that grace known within the world's Indian and Hindu communities.

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  • India, the second country with over one billion people, and the world's largest secular democracy is also home to the largest number of Hindus.
  • 800+ million Hindus; most live in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Malaysia; millions more reside in South Africa, the USA, the UK, on Mauritius, Fiji, in Guyana, Myanmar, Trinidad & Tobago.
  • India's Diaspora (Indians living abroad) is estimated at over 15 million; many are in instrumental positions in the IT industry.
  • Many of the world's remaining unreached peoples are Hindu.
  • While Nepal's Christians have increased dramatically, they still number only one percent of the population in this officially Hindu kingdom.
  • Much of the religious transformation taking place in the Western world (New Age thinking, etc.) has its intellectual and spiritual roots in India.
  • Join Christians around the world who have prayed at various times through the 30 Days Hindu Prayer Focus booklets since 1997.
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