Reaching Muslim Students

There are thousands of students throughout the Muslim world who may be willing to hear about Jesus from a person who is truly in love with Him, but few have had the opportunity.

Historically, students are among the first to respond when the Gospel is proclaimed, and there have been several revivals that spread through universities. Most people come to Christ in their teens and early twenties. Below is a simple strategy for reaching university students and others.

Step One – Prayer Evangelism. Pray fervently for the students you will be evangelizing, and God will reveal the strongholds keeping them from His promised blessings. Through worship, warfare, and intercession pull down these strongholds and prepare the way.

Step Two – Meet the students on their own turf. As you pray, God will give you strategies to do so in a non-threatening manner. Begin to build a network of relationships that will become the future support system for the students who accept Christ.

Step Three – Minister to the felt needs of the students. This may involve teaching English, starting a coffee shop or internet café, or simply living your student life out before them. Discern the felt needs of the people through praying and listening to what they have to say.

Step Four – Seek out invitations into the students’ circle of relationships; play sports, watch movies, go shopping, and eat together. Invite the people you meet into your home. If they are willing to come, they are open to deeper discussion.

Step Five – Discuss the central truths of Scripture. Integrate into your conversation discussions about sin, the Creator, forgiveness, life after death, and fear of spirits. Plant seeds the Holy Spirit can use to bring revelation.

Step Six – Gather together your friends who are open to spiritual things, and have parties. Begin to pray and study God’s Word together, even before they become believers.

Step Seven – Teach them to obey the commands of Christ. Immediately after they accept Christ, do not hesitate to teach new believers the cost of following Jesus.

Step Eight – Plan for growth. From the beginning, give the new believers responsibility in your meetings and outreach. As you reach 12 – 15 people in a group, divide and start another gathering at a second location. Build the church from the beginning, like Paul did, by using indigenous leadership.

Prayer Points

  • Pray that students would hunger and thirst for the living water, not the waters of Islam, or traditions, but the living water that only comes from Jesus (John 6:35; 7:37).
  • Pray for the workers and teams that are presently engaged in prayer and evangelism. Pray that they would be bold and evangelistic in their approach.
  • Pray that God would pour out His Spirit on college campuses and that His presence and power would be evident.
  • Pray that the students will spread the Gospel to their families, and that whole families would come to Christ.

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