April 21, 2022

Breaking Bread, Building Bridges

What an honor it was to have my Saudi friends invite me to the occasion of breaking their fast at the end of Ramadan. I prayed that God would guide our conversation.

An enormous platter of aromatic rice and meat was placed on the floor between us. As we ate together over the next two hours, they expressed their desire to please God and follow the way set forth by their prophet Mohammed. 

Well into our conversation, I shared about the hope I found by trusting and following Jesus, who is honored in the Qur’an. We talked about whether Jesus was just a prophet, as Islam teaches, or the Son of God, as Christians believe.

Later, I discussed these ideas in greater detail with two young men who felt safer asking questions and learning more in a quieter environment.

Like many Saudis here in North America, they were curious and open to discussing Islam and the Gospel. Coming from a country where hospitality is a significant part of their culture, they love to connect with people around them.

Growing up in the birthplace of Islam, some are often entrenched in their religion, ready to argue and present the rebuttals ingrained in them since childhood. But others are more open, and some are even searching for truth.

Most Saudis in the U.S. are college students, while others are in the job world. Love is a powerful bridge because Muslims don’t encounter much love within Islam.

Pray that Saudi Muslims’ hearts will be hungry for God during the fast of Ramadan. 

  • Ask God to draw the hearts of Saudis to Himself, opening their eyes through dreams, visions, and conversations with believers.
  • Pray that God would place strong believers as lights in the lives of Saudis in the U.S.
  • Pray that God would strengthen Saudi believers from a Muslim background, giving them endurance amidst pressure and persecution for their faith.


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