April 30, 2022

Building Bridges for the Soninke

Soninke Muslims live in Mali, Gambia, Senegal, Mauritania, and several other countries in West Africa. Most have never met a Christian. Bible translation in their language has made incredible progress, yet many have yet to read scripture or hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their language. They are less than two percent Christian. 

The Soninke are hardworking and resilient, but they face powerful enemies. One enemy is climate change in the form of growing deserts. Fewer trees and less fertile land threaten their homelands. Political upheaval and violent insurgent groups are also intruding on the regions where they live and work. The Soninke endure despite these encroachments.

Mr. Silla, an influential community leader in western Gambia, is an entrepreneur who started businesses, using his earnings to pave roads in his hometown. Training his family to be business-minded has enabled his children and relatives to join his work. He now has business connections in Mali, Senegal, France, and America.

The Soninke are open to God’s truth, but many have never heard about Christ and His coming to bridge their separation from God.

Pray that the Soninke will not be discouraged by climate change and political upheaval, but will look to Christ, who bridged the chasm between God and man.

  • Pray that Soninke families have safe places to live, free of external pressures.
  • Ask God to create portals of Gospel access for the Soninke through missionaries and national workers.
  • Pray for the workers serving among the Soninke. May God equip them with all they need to do the work he called them to do.


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