April 14, 2022

Building Christian Community Over Zoom

Bengali Muslims number about 182 million worldwide, with the majority living in Bangladesh and neighboring India, one of the most densely populated regions globally.

Many Bengali Muslims have sought opportunity elsewhere, from Malaysia to the Middle East to Europe and North America. But others, like Mirah, a successful garment executive, have stayed put, seeking new life through Christ and reaching others with the Gospel.

In the evenings, when it’s late at night in Dhaka, the capital, Mirah grabs her phone for a regular Zoom call that, since the pandemic hit in 2020, has replaced in-person prayer and Bible study meetings for Bangladeshi here and around the world.

The first time Mirah heard about Christ was when her cousin, who migrated to the U.S., called her and said she had found true peace with God, not in Islam, but in Jesus. Since then, Mirah has learned more about Jesus and become a believer. Now, she is developing her leadership and teaching gifts through the regular Zoom meetings, which attract a global congregation. 

Jaman from England shares his testimony during one Zoom call. He came to faith right before the pandemic lockdowns halted face-to-face meetings with fellow believers and is grateful for the Zoom calls that have helped him grow in his faith. He now hosts a weekly Bible study in London.

During the pandemic’s first year, 200 different Bengali believers shared their testimony of following Christ. 

Online prayer meetings are just one of the ways the Gospel is reaching the Bengali diaspora around the globe. As the Holy Spirit empowers Bengali believers from a Muslim background to proclaim the Good News to their family and friends throughout the world, we believe God’s promise that “my Word…will not return empty but will accomplish what I desire!” (Isaiah 55:11).

Pray for Bengali Christians from a Muslim background to experience the joy of fellowship with other Christians.

  • Pray for Bengali believers worldwide to be filled with boldness to share the Gospel with love for their fellow Bengalis, including their persecutors.
  • Pray for the Gospel to spread along relational networks as Bengalis travel and communicate around the world.


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