April 15, 2022

Dark Dreams Lead Bengali man to the Light

Millions of people come to Orlando, Florida, for a brief vacation. Mamud went for a different reason: to escape his old life and start a new one. He now operates a kiosk at a local shopping mall.

Mamud is no saint (in Bangladesh, he worked for a while as a hitman), but he has a deep hunger for God. That’s why a recurring dream he couldn’t understand was troubling his soul.

Even before the missionary team approached his kiosk that day, Mamud realized that they were spiritual people. Once the team greeted him, he felt even more at ease and was soon asking for their help interpreting his dream.

“In the dream, I’m standing outside a great mosque in Mecca. Mohammed was inside the mosque. But I couldn’t reach him whenever I tried to enter the mosque. Then, the entire mosque would go dark inside.”

The Holy Spirit guided the missionaries to tell Mamud about a different door—a door opening to a place where anyone can enter, and the light never goes out. One of the missionaries shared Jesus’ words from John 10:9: “I am the door. If anyone enters by me, he will be saved.”

Bengalis like Mamud are plentiful in many North American cities, including New York, Houston, Detroit, Toronto, and Washington, D.C. And like Mamud, many have never heard the Gospel.

You could be steps away from nearby mission fields. Use the Internet to search for Bengalis in your city, Google Bengali businesses, restaurants, and shops. Visit kiosks at the local mall.

When you find them, engage them in conversation. Keep your eyes open to see the unreached around you and an open heart to love them as Jesus does.

Pray for Bengalis like Mamud, who have dreams about their spiritual needs.

  • Pray that Bengali Muslims meet believers who can share how Jesus can meet their greatest need.
  • Pray the words of John 10:10 over the Bengali Muslim population in North America.
  • Pray for believers in North America to show Christ’s love to Bengalis.


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