April 22, 2022

Dreams and Visions Reach the Fuuta Tooro

Africa’s Fuuta Tooro people live along the Senegalese River: one million in Northern Senegal; and about 250,000 in South Mauritania. Less than 0.1 percent of them are Christian.

Many have tried to share God’s story among the Fulani, but Sufi Islam has long retained its hold on this particular subgroup. But now, dreams and visions are reaching them, as they attest on social media, revealing how Jesus is at work in them.

“I have been a follower of Jesus for 29 years,” says a Fulani woman named Amina. “I had a dream where I saw this figure in glowing white. He had his arms wrapped around the world. When I saw him, I began crying and asking him to forgive me, and He did. As I walked away, I heard another voice say, ‘Do you know who you were talking to?’ I said no. The voice replied, ‘You were talking to Jesus.’ I believed in Jesus and followed Him.”

A woman named Fatou said, “I know Jesus is my Lord and Savior, and I want to connect with other Fulani who follow Jesus.”

A Fulani man named Mamadou said, “God is guiding me to share His story with a nearby village.”

God has touched Fulani through dreams and visions and calls them to reach out to other Fulani.

Pray that God will raise up more Fulani laborers to reach their own people for Christ.

  • May more Fuuta Tooro have dreams and visions of Jesus that lead them to share God’s story.
  • May Fulani women rise up with boldness when God calls out to them to follow Jesus.


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