April 19, 2022

Falling for the American Dream

Azedah’s family had been telling her for years. America indeed was a land of religious freedom and financial opportunity. She should leave Iran and join them there.

A decade ago, she finally did, trading one capital city (Tehran) for another (Washington, D.C.) to join more than one million Iranians who already call North America home.

Many of these migrants are ambitious and successful. Azadeh is no different. It didn’t take long for her to adapt to life in the U.S. She has achieved the American dream through much sacrifice, determination, and hard work: rising to the top of her field, buying a large home in a wealthy suburb, and enjoying lofty social status.

Azadeh also enjoyed the freedom that came from no longer living under the Iranian government’s strict interpretation of Islam. But like many before her, she adopted a largely secular lifestyle rather than embracing a less legalistic form of Islam.

When Azadeh and her husband attended a major Iranian cultural event, they were introduced to a Christian couple who began meeting with them, helping them with their English, and sharing the Gospel.

Azadeh progressed in her use of conversational English, but her professional demands increased, forcing her and her husband to drift away from the only two Christian friends they knew.

Such stories are common for Iranians pursuing the American dream. In some ways, they have adapted to America’s culture of upward mobility and affluence, leaving precious little time for the things of God.

Pray that more believers will meet our Iranian neighbors at cultural events, in the workplace, in shops and restaurants, so that they may reveal Christ’s kingdom as the pearl of great price, worth more than all the riches the world has to offer (Matthew 13:45-46).

  • Pray that wealthy Iranians can make the difficult choice to pause from work long enough to care for their souls (Mark 10:24-27).
  • Pray that they would see the emptiness of prestige and discover satisfaction in Christ (Ecclesiastes 2:11).


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