April 06, 2022

Finding Christ through Bible Courses in Turkey

Turkey has played a significant role in God’s redemptive history. It’s where Noah’s ark came to rest and where the followers of Jesus were first called Christians.

The church in Turkey thrived for centuries, but Muslim conquests changed that. Today, being a Turk means being a Muslim. Turkey is one of the least evangelized countries in the world. Only 0.04 percent of its population of about 84 million people are Evangelical believers. 

Passionate to see more Turks come to Christ, believers launched the Bible Correspondence Course (BCC) decades ago. That program has since distributed millions of pieces of Christian literature through various platforms, including internet ads, Facebook ads, and Twitter posts. Many of Turkey’s Evangelical Christians can trace their spiritual journey to these courses.

“I was prejudiced against Christianity,” said Nehir, a believer from a Muslim background who saw an ad on Facebook and requested a Bible course. “But Jesus called me, and I couldn’t do anything except invite Him in.” Now baptized, she shares her faith with other Turks.

Yusuf, a 36-year-old Turk, signed up for the BCC program after seeking the truth about contradictions in Islam.

“I want to truly know God,” he said. “This desire has burned like an ember in my heart. I want to quench the fire and witness, knowing that God loves me. I hope the Bible you send me will be the remedy for this.”

Pray that God will use social media and Bible correspondence courses to reach more Turks like Nehir and Yusuf.

  • Ask God to continue drawing Turkish people to Himself through His holy Word.
  • Pray for more laborers to follow up with Turks who enrolled in Bible correspondence courses (Matthew 9:37).
  • Pray that God would raise up leaders in all aspects of Turkish society to disciple others and see lives transformed for generations to come (Deuteronomy 11:18-19).


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