April 02, 2022

Flames of Faith Flicker Across Afghanistan

“Do NOT go to the airport now. Stay put!” This directive from Ahmad’s foreign contact may have saved him and his family. Having traveled several hours to Kabul, Ahmad and his relatives were desperate to board a flight – any flight – out of Afghanistan. The Taliban was now a formidable presence in Kabul, and, perhaps more concerning, ISIS had been rumored to be in the vicinity as well. 

These rumors, of course, turned out to be true. ISIS militants detonated a bomb, killing dozens outside the airport. Ahmad’s foreign contact had received intel that this was a possibility and warned the family to stay clear in time. 

Months have passed, and, as of this article, Ahmad’s family is still in Afghanistan and remains in danger of being found by the Taliban. This new regime is searching for anyone who may have partnered with the United States, which members of Ahmad’s family did.

But the Taliban isn’t limiting their search to American allies. It is also searching for followers of Jesus. 

Some workers in Afghanistan persevere as faithful Gospel witnesses to locals through a combination of creativity, courage, and discretion. They spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to Afghan Muslims via literature, orality, and social media.

Prior to the American withdrawal, the number of Afghan groups gathering to study the Bible grew steadily, and reports said a Gospel witness existed in each of the 34 provinces across the country. The remnant of believers throughout this land is bold and courageous. They are ready to face persecution.

Pray that God would give believers in Afghanistan the strength to endure persecution and courage to share the Gospel.

  • Ask God to provide greater access to His Word, stirring the hearts of more believers to enter the harvest in Afghanistan (Matthew 9:35-38).
  • Pray that persecuted believers would experience God’s presence, peace, provision, and emotional healing.


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