April 29, 2022

From Coffee to Christ

Many people in Morocco’s Frontier People Groups (FPG’s) have left their homeland and resettled in cities throughout North America. Some 77,000 Moroccan Arabs live in Montreal, while New York City is home to 33,000 more, according to Global Gates’ UPG Priority Matrix.

They came to North America for family, jobs, or the promise of a better life, and some of them may even be in your community.

In North Carolina’s Research Triangle area, there is a coffee shop where Moroccan men, women, and children gather to enjoy beverages, food, games, and community. Reaching out to them is easy, and relationships and trust develop naturally through enjoying a cup of coffee and playing games. Spiritual conversations flourish, and Christian workers share the hope of Jesus through Bible stories; all that in English, and right down the street. 

As more Moroccans leave Morocco and Europe and make their homes throughout North America, the church has unprecedented opportunities to engage them and their communities. Equipped with nothing more than the love of Jesus and a few bucks for coffee, Christians can engage these groups without the need for passports, plane tickets, or language skills.

Pray that more churches and Christians in North America will embrace this new era of missions in our neighborhoods as God, in His sovereign plan (Acts 17:26-27), has brought the nations right to our doorsteps.

  • Pray for more laborers among Moroccans here in North America. Ask the Holy Spirit to burden believers and churches for Moroccans in their communities.
  • Pray for missionary families who labor full time among Moroccans in North America; they need encouragement and financial provision to continue their work. May they not grow weary in doing good (Galatians 6:9).


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