April 13, 2022

Growing Iraqi Diaspora Offers Opportunities to Love Muslims

Decades of disturbance and disorder have forced many Iraqis to flee their homeland and join the growing international diaspora around the world, including North America, where the metropolitan areas of Detroit, Toronto, Dallas-Fort Worth, Chicago, and San Diego boast the most significant number of these migrants.

Detroit holds the largest concentration of Iraqi Muslims in North America, about 70,000. Many migrated to the city to work in automotive plants and are now a long-established immigrant population with second and third generations growing increasingly comfortable with American lifestyles.

Iraqis have suffered much and are determined to find a new way for their families to prosper. Many have grown frustrated with Islamic teaching and are more open to learning about Jesus, something that is difficult in Iraq, if only someone would tell them.

That was the motivation for one American-born believer who visited an Arabic grocery store in the New York City Metro area.

“Is there anything I can help you find?” said an employee, who introduced himself as Hassan.

The American asked Hassan about his life.

“You would think that I was just a lowly, simple-minded retail worker,” said Hassan with a chuckle. “But let me tell you, I was an engineer in Iraq. I had honor, and I was esteemed. I was somebody.”

“Let me tell you, Hassan, you are still someone,” the American replied. “The Lord loves you and has not forsaken you. I am glad you came to this country. Welcome, brother.”

The man explained to Hassan that he was interested in having Iraqi Muslims learn more about Jesus by watching the Jesus Film.

“Could I leave you some of these videos and DVDs?” he asked.

Hassan graciously accepted the offer, and by the next day, copies of the Jesus film were among the grocery stores movie offerings. 

Pray for Iraqi Muslims to find ways to cope with the hardships away from home.

  • Pray for more volunteers to serve Iraqi refugees and immigrants with job and life skills training to help restore their dignity.
  • Pray for Iraqi believers from a Muslim background to grow in their faith.


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