April 08, 2022

History Hinders Church in Palestine

Palestine is where Jesus walked and ministered, but since the nation of Israel was founded in 1948, Palestinians have become the most widely distributed people on the planet.

Many fled during the initial armed struggles between Jews and Arabs, only to see their homes claimed by Jewish settlers. Since Israeli law does not uphold their rights to return, twice as many Palestinians now live abroad than the number remaining between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea.

Those Palestinians who remained in Palestine had to adapt to new challenges and pressures. Many families encourage their children to focus on academics as a path to upward mobility in their society. But many graduates seek freedom and security far away from their West Bank and Gaza homeland.

Palestine’s evangelical population is less than 0.5 percent, despite the steady labors of native Christian leaders and Western mission agencies. Establishing a church for Christians from a Muslim background remains a distant hope.

Jesus is calling followers from every people group–even Palestinian Arabs–who will one day gather before His throne in worship (Revelation 7:9-10).

But the need for a faithful Gospel witness among Palestinians remains great.

Local Christians must be loving but careful and seek God’s power, wisdom, and protection.

Pray for diverse and continuing expressions of God’s love to the various Arab groups in the West Bank, Gaza, and Israel.

  • Pray that Palestinian Christians will may remain faithful witnesses in the land where Christ walked and ministered.
  • Pray that churches in Palestine will plant new churches among the unreached Arabs in cities and villages surrounded by various Israeli checkpoints.
  • Pray for Palestinian believers to remain steadfast in the face of persecution.


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