April 20, 2022

Living Water in the Desert

For years, Saudi Arabia was a desert, both geographically and spiritually. Now the former spiritual desert is seeing fountains of living water springing up as oases for thirsty souls who have turned away from the oppressive teachings of Islam.

The Holy Spirit is drawing Saudis to Jesus Christ. God is doing what He promised in Isaiah 43:19, “I will even make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”

New believers face challenges. Considering the overwhelming reminders of Islam’s power over them, they can’t openly practice their faith, let alone share it with others. It can seem impossible to break free from a religion that permeates their culture. Many hide their faith in Christ, afraid that even their own families might kill them.

Akil was a new believer. He was hungry to learn and grow in his faith. But his job required him to work 12-hour shifts seven days a week. Even when he could study the Bible with a Christian brother during slow periods, interruptions made serious study impossible.

One evening, as the two believers tried again to study together, a man entered the shop, interrupted their study, and engaged Akil in a lengthy conversation.

When Akil returned to the study, his Christian friend was clearly frustrated, but Akil explained that “It is good that this man came today, he had lots of questions, and he seems to be on the same path I was on.”

Akil was risking his job to study the Bible and his life by sharing his faith with others. This is how the river of living water flows in the desert of Saudi Arabia.

Pray that God will strengthen Saudi believers to survive repression and persecution and shine the light of Christ throughout this land.

  • Pray that media efforts would bring the Gospel to those who have never heard.
  • Ask God to draw the hearts of Saudis to himself through dreams, visions, and the love of believers.


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