April 09, 2022

Ministering to Palestinians in Our Midst

Many of the Palestinian Muslim migrants in North America live near churches. But the people in these churches typically show little interest in making meaningful connections with their new neighbors. Many sadly express outright hatred for Muslims.

That’s why Christians who show love to their Muslim neighbors can be so surprising and inspiring.

“You are so weird to me,” said Roau’a to Global Gates missionaries who befriended her. Before, the Palestinian American woman had only encountered self-interested, angry Christians.

“You are like aliens,” said Roau’a, smiling. “You are the only Christians I know who actually follow Jesus and the Bible.”

Their warmth and spiritual commitment attracted her and inspired her to read the Arabic Bible they gave her.

Her experience is similar to that of most Palestinian Muslims living in North America. Christian churches are plentiful, but engagement with Muslim neighbors is limited or non-existent.

Most Palestinians live as people without a country, and they had to adapt to changes that would crush many of us. They are among the most resilient and well-assimilated Arab immigrants in North America.

Those who can escape Palestine’s problems often succeed here, enjoying economic mobility they would never know back home.

They’re in the halls of Congress, medical offices, law offices, academia, scientific labs, factories, and other workplaces throughout the continent, with large concentrations in the metropolitan areas of Chicago, New York, Toronto, and Los Angeles.

After much pain, they’ve gained more freedoms and opportunities abroad. But they remain a largely unreached people group, almost as if they had never left Palestine.

Pray that more believers in North America will engage their Palestinian Muslim neighbors.

  • Pray that new believers in North America will be discipled and trained to reach the Palestinian diaspora for Christ.
  • Pray more Christians can help Palestinians to understand that allegiance to Jesus supersedes all things.
  • Pray for a great harvest among Palestinians in North America.


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