April 11, 2022

Muslim Migrants Struggle with Faith

As soon as Mariam fled Pakistan, she threw off her hijab. She now embraces the freedom she experiences in her new life as a single entrepreneur in bustling Houston.

Mariam graduated at the top of her college class. Now an owner of several pharmacies and a large home, she works hard and parties with her American and Pakistani friends. The only trace of Islam in her new life is her superficial observance of the holidays on the Islamic Calendar.

It was different for Fatima, a married mother of two who simultaneously moved to the United States as Mariam. Although never profoundly devoted to Islam in Pakistan, she connected with a mosque near her home in New York City.

Fatima deeply missed her home country and battled loneliness as she struggled to feel connected to anyone or anything. She began wearing a hijab, hoping not to lose her sense of identity, and regularly cries out to Allah, begging for His acceptance and peace.

These are two of the paths that Pakistani Muslims follow once they come to America. But both paths miss out on the hope found only in Jesus Christ.

Theoretically, Pakistanis have more opportunity to hear the Gospel in the U.S., but practically, few have embraced Christ as the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6).

Pray that God would help more of us reach out to the many Pakistanis we encounter daily as our doctors, I.T. workers, restaurant workers, convenience store owners, and more. 

  • Pray for more missionaries to work with Pakistani Muslims in North America.
  • Ask God to raise up a harvest force of believers from an Islamic background to reach Pakistani Muslims in NYC and Houston (Luke 10:2).
  • Pray for Christians who work alongside Pakistani Muslims to develop a burden to befriend and share the hope of Jesus with them.


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