April 17, 2022

Praying in the Park with a Yemeni Woman

In Yemen, sharing Christ can be deadly. But in America, people have the freedom to evangelize to anyone without fear. Yemenis were denied hearing the Gospel in their homeland, but those who have migrated by the thousands to cities like Detroit, New York, Oakland, and Buffalo, now have the chance.

One afternoon in Minnesota, Zaynab, a young Yemeni mother, entered her neighborhood park and sat down near Cheryl, a local believer. Zaynab smiled when this American woman greeted her with the familiar Islamic greeting, “As salaamu aleikum.” Soon they were talking about family and life.

Cheryl transitioned the conversation to spiritual things by offering prayer. Zaynab was thankful and asked for prayer for her family’s health.

“Do you read the before books?” Cheryl asked, referring to the Bible, which was written before Islam’s holy book.

“No,” said Zaynab. “I only read the Qur’an.”

“Did you know that the Qur’an says the Injil (Gospel) is a ‘light and a guide’ (5:46) to Paradise?” Cheryl asked, explaining that Injil means good news. “What do you want to hear on judgment day? Good news or bad?”

“Oh, good news, of course,” Zaynab replied.

As Cheryl proceeded to share the Gospel, beginning with the fall of Adam and moving to the coming of Christ, Zaynab was touched by how Jesus was good and kind to women, something she seldom experienced. After hearing of Jesus’s death and resurrection for her sins, Zaynab believed.

Yemeni women like Zaynab live in our cities, yearning to hear the truth they’ve been denied all their lives. Americans are justly proud of their country’s religious freedom. Will they use it to reach women like Zaynab?

Pray for Yemeni women to meet believers willing to pray and share with them. 

  • Pray Romans 10:14: “How are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard?” over your Yemeni neighbors.
  • Has the Lord asked you to enter the Yemeni harvest fields? Ask God to show you. Learn simple evangelism tools at https://tinyurl.com/EasyEV.


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