May 01, 2022

Serving the Soninke in Cincinnati

Immigrating to the United States was a terrifying step for Shareef, a Soninke Muslim man from West Africa. Along with his wife and young child, he left his hometown in search of opportunities abroad.

As they planned their move to America, they discussed which city they should call home. They followed the advice of family and friends in the U.S., choosing Cincinnati, where they found an open job market and a reasonable cost of living in the northern part of the city.

Shareef and his family settled into their new community and began adjusting to the challenges of life in America, including driver’s licenses, immigration papers, healthcare, and learning English.

As Shareef and his wife faced these tremendous challenges, they found a flyer on their apartment door. Local Christians have started free English classes in their community. After joining the course, Shareef and his wife were moved by the believers’ kindness and hospitality. Their new Christian friends said God told them to offer this service. 

Now, Shareef and other Soninke are eager to receive Gospel resources that are understandable in their language. Shareef isn’t yet sure whether the Good News he’s hearing from these believers is true, but for the first time in his life, he has witnessed the kindness of Christians up close.

God is pursuing the unreached Soninke people, and he’s doing it through simple acts of love.

Pray that God will grant the Soninke the faith to leave Islam and follow Jesus.

  • Pray for more Christians to join the ones already reaching across cultures to serve these communities. Ask God to give them the courage to step beyond their comfort zones.
  • Pray for disciple-making and church-planting movements to launch among the Soninke people in Cincinnati and then to expand to West Africa.


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