April 25, 2022

Unreached Somalis Are Within Reach

Civil war and radical Islam have driven nearly half of Somalia’s people from their homeland. At least 175,000 have migrated to North America to find new lives.

There are sizeable permanent communities in Minneapolis and Toronto, but other 

Somalis follow transient job opportunities. Many men work as taxi and truck drivers, finding the transportation industry a good fit for their ancestral history as nomadic camel herders.

Believers have long prayed to reach Somalis. Now they are within reach, and can even be next door if you do what the Miller family did.

The Millers kept their jobs but switched neighborhoods, moving into an apartment community where many Somalis live. They prayed for their new neighbors leading up to the move, and within two months, they experienced growing friendships with families. They also started a Bible study with one Somali neighbor.

The Millers aren’t doing anything extraordinary. They bake cookies, orchestrate cookouts, and rally prayer walks through their local church.

When Somalis ask what brought them to the neighborhood, they simply say, “We love Jesus, and He has called us to love our neighbors and share Good News with them. Would you like to hear it?” 

As you pray, ask if God is calling you to sacrifice your “comfort” so you can move next door to the unreached?

Pray for more committed, creative laborers like the Millers, who live among and engage Somalis in North America.

  • Pray that the Lord of the harvest (Luke 10:2) would raise up many to leave their comfort and move next door to unreached Somalis. 
  • Pray for the few Somali believers that their efforts to reach their people would be blessed.
  • Pray for faith that perseveres and bears fruit among those Jesus is calling.


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